The Werewolf of Rivers End

The Werewolf of Rivers End is a light-weight hidden-movement where one player takes on the role of an injured-fleeing Werewolf while the other players take up different Villager roles in a cut-throat game of survival and hunting.

The Rivers End alarm bell rings as the Werewolf flees into the surrounding woods. The Mayor managed to get a silver bullet into the beast as it fled, but not before the creature slaughtered the his daughter! The townsfolk must gather their forces and hunt the creature down!

In The Werewolf of Rivers End, 2-5 players are thrown into the world of Feldon with one player taking on the role of the injured Werewolf and the other players taking up arms as different villagers, all with asymmetric abilities.

The Werewolf must keep themselves hidden as much as possible from the villagers as they search and forage for supplies to help them survive the night. The Werewolf moves through the surrounding area leaving bloodied bandages and blood trails as they search structures and landmarks in the hope of finding food or potions to help them in their quest for survival through the night.

The townsfolk players control the set-up of the game, placing the areas the Werewolf player must search for supplies throughout the map area.

From there, the Villagers take on one of seven different roles all with different abilities and weapons. Their job is to track down and kill the Werewolf through their abilities that include traps, sabotage, setting fire to areas and many more. Each Villager has their own set of abilities and no-two are alike.

Artwork by Anthea Wright.