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A friendly game of betrayal.

Misdirection is a fast-paced pick-up-put-down survival game where the winner is the last one standing.

You and your band of adventurers have stumbled onto treasure in a cave, but in the process, you’ve awoken a powerful enemy.  

You want the treasure all to yourself, and you’ll do anything to anyone that gets in the way, and that means to other adventurers.

In Misdirection, 2-8 players are pitted against each other with the sole goal of surviving. With a global enemy in play, players don’t attack each other; instead players force other players to play cards they don’t want to resulting in the enemy attacking them.

Aimed at new tabletop players and veterans alike, Misdirection is a fast paced game aimed at ages 13+ but we’ve had kids as young as 8 years old on our testing team. The game features 46 action cards and 8 unique enemies to create a fun-filled experience where no two play-thru’s are the same.

Misdirection is the brain child of Michael Langford and has been in development since early-2017.

Misdirection artwork created by Anthea Wright.

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