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Games with Teeth  was formed in late 2017 by Michael Langford.

Early in 2017, Michael came up with an idea that eventuated into a game called Shields to Full, a cooperative game that focused on keeping the spaceship alive and in good repair while performing missions. During it’s design process, the idea for an inadvertent competitive game came to him which then evolved into Misdirection, and ideas then developed into Embargo. Shields to Full is still in pre-design stage as we work out other projects.

Michael is a father of two children and lives in the western suburbs of Melbourne. He is an avid video gamer and board gamer and has experience in writing fiction, from novels, short stories to screenplays. With a passion in film-making and photography, he branched out when an idea came to him while playing board games with friends which has developed into Games with Teeth. You can follow Michael on Twitter and but he also runs the Games with Teeth Facebook page, where he spends most of his time because he is such a social creature.

While Games with Teeth is an independent operator, we are always looking to form lasting relationships with other independent artists and contractors and am constantly seeking for new blood to work with. We’ve worked extensively with Anthea Wright on Misdirection and currently on The Werewolf of Rivers End and look forward to working with other independent artists for future projects.

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